You may be wondering why you should care about supporting the hemp industry. The answer is that it just makes good sense to support it. Firstly, the rampart consumerism of our society is making a negative impact on the health of our planet. The resources of our earth are being used up at an alarming rate and issues such as deforestation, plastic in the oceans and chemicals used in a variety of industries are adding to its decline. That is why hemp is so important – it is the ultimate agricultural crop! By making use of hemp we will have the ability to relieve these problems that are so detrimental to our environment, health and earth.

Hemp Paper

When compared to timber, hemp is the obvious winner when it comes to sustainability. If grown correctly hemp produces 2-4 times more paper per acre than timber. Besides this fact, timber requires strong chemicals in order to whiten the paper. Whereas hemp can easily be whitened with only hydrogen peroxide. Hemp is also much more durable, cost effect and will be a positive, sustainable alternative paper source.

Hemp Plastic

One of the biggest problems facing our world is the growing amount of plastic waste. Did you know that hemp is a superb source for plastic? Not only have researchers developed hemp plastic products, but they have created these natural plastics to be able to bio-degrade in 18 – 24 months. With more focus on this phenomenal discovery, hemp can become a leading source of plastic without damaging the environment.

Hemp Clothing

Most clothing is made predominately from cotton. However this fluffy little white plant is difficult to grow, requires a lot of fresh water and potent chemicals to be processed. Hemp is a wonderful alternative as it is so easy to grow and needs very little chemicals and best of all requires a third of the amount of water when compared to cotton.

How You can Help and Support the Hemp Industry:

  • Buy Hemp Products – Be a socially and environmentally conscious consumer and use your money as a form of voting. By supporting hemp products you are providing a valuable ‘Yes’ vote for the hemp industry. The more demand there is for products from the hemp plant, the more the market will be forced to provide a supply. This will result in the removal of the hemp farming restriction.
  • Educate Yourself and Others – Make the effort to talk to your family and friends about this amazing plant and all its uses. Do your research about how hemp can make a difference in the world and then educate others. The plant has so many benefits and its use is in the best interests of everyone. Make use of social media as another tool to spread hemp knowledge.
  • Use Hemp as Medicine – There are so many health benefits to adding hemp into your everyday diet. You can reap the benefits by eating hemp seeds, using hemp oil or taking hemp/CBD supplements. There are many options for you to choose from that will help you in many ways. Hemp products of full of nutritional goodness, providing you with much needed proteins and omegas.

Join the healthy hemp revolution and be an activist for a plant that will changes our world and lives for the better!
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